7 hidden features in Truecaller

How many times have you felt worried or curious about the proper identity of an unknown caller when using your Smartphone? Whether it is someone trying to stalk you or someone you know over the phone or is trying to play hide and seek — there are ways to find out the identity of a caller — when you are using an Android device.

Truecaller is an app that you can install and use in your Android phone and resolve the mystery of apparently unknown callers by a single click.

Here are seven tricks and tips that you can use to become a pro at using Truecaller

Block calls

The app can be used to block calls beginning with a certain set of numbers. If you find someone is annoying you over the phone and the number begins with the set 8051, simply block the numbers beginning with those digits.
See who is calling even without data connectivity

It is not necessary to have an internet connection on the phone at all times for this app to work. Once a number is identified the app will identify it, whether or not you are connected to the internet.
Protect yourself from spammers

Truecaller automatically safeguards you from the known spammers in a region once you download the app in your device. You can also choose to reject calls from people who hide their identity while calling through this app.
Use Truedialer as default dialer

Truecaller lets you do much more than just blocking calls from people you want to avoid. It offers a dialer and users can choose to use Truedialer as the default dialer. Its Discovery feature works much like Twitter and Facebook’s methods to find people you already know.

It works on your location and existing contact list. If you find a contact with details set to private, Truecaller can show flowchart so that you can find a common friend.

Identify numbers with Search bar

Truecaller makes it easy to identify any phone number literally! There is a search bar that you can see after launching the app. Simply, type in a phone number in that field. You may also type in, address and names.
Set up your own profile

With Truecaller, you can set up your own profile and customize it the way you want. This helps the call recipients get the details about you. You can choose to display your full name and a picture, for example.

You may add information like a website and an email ID for the convenience of your contacts. The app also has an option for users who want to write a short description about themselves.

Similarly, you can choose to hide your identity from the call recipients under the privacy tab of settings.

Remove your number from its database

The app also lets you remove your number from its database. You need to visit this link http://www.truecaller.com/unlist. Then type in your phone number inclusive of country code. Next, choose a reason for number removal, enter the captcha and click on unlist button.

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