Which are the social media platforms of the future?

Long-established social media networks are popular, but are no longer seeing significant growth. Two new polls, from Pew Research and Forrester, reveal that, even among adults, user engagement in newer services like Instagram is on the rise.

Facebook remains the most popular network by far, though the number of users who log in daily has not seen a significant change since 2012. According to the data, Twitter is slowly losing ground to Instagram and Pinterest, which both saw significant gains on the number of daily users. Instagram saw a 10-point increase in its daily users, pushing Twitter to the number three spot for most used social network.


LinkedIn is the one exception to the rule. The professional social network had a strong nine-point gain in daily users since 2014, and is the only social network with more users aged 30 and over than not. That means LinkedIn might not be getting new users, but those already online are becoming more involved.

Since 2012, none of the older networks have seen a noticeable rise in people who say they are “on” the platform. Pinterest and Instagram have seen particularly strong growth, while Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all significantly older platforms, have had slow to no growth in the past three years.



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