Online shopping: 5 smart tips to save money

Online shopping has become quite a rage in urban India and it is fast catching on in the rest of the country. However, to negotiate the intricacies of making payments…


Online shopping has become quite a rage in urban India and it is fast catching on in the rest of the country. However, to negotiate the intricacies of making payments and ensuring you get the right deal in the transaction requires certain steps to be taken by the buyer.

So now that online shopping has become more or less a synonym to smart shopping, we bring you 5 smart tips on how to negotiate the intricate digital transaction world which will help you save big bucks:

1)    Make cashback your first priority:  

E-commerce portals often tie-up with banks to provide cashback on shopping through their credit or debit cards Such tie-ups are often made by the shopping portals to attract shoppers to their site.

So the next time you shop online do pay attention to such tie-ups and you could earn instant discounts on your purchases. However, in absence of such offers, you can use cashback sites like, to get cashback as high as 10%. Such cashback sites also help you in segregating offers according to stores and categories, thus making shopping a lot more convenient for you.

2)    Leverage your network:
Friends who shop regularly can help you understand when is the right time to go for a mass budget shopping, or when is a new launch expected. But if you do not have such shopaholic friends, you need not be disappointed. Active shopping communities like can help you interact with other online shoppers in real time.

The shoppers and members of such communities give you valuable information like which stores are offering best discounts or whether the prices of products are inflated, etc.

So, next time you decide to shop online, do interact with other shoppers to not only save some money but also to make a well-informed and wise decision.

3)    Store and Seller reviews:

Online shopping comes with its own share of disadvantages. One of the major drawbacks of online shopping is that you are sometimes exposed to duplicate or fake products. Thus, it becomes essential that you go through the seller or product reviews before making a purchase.

Most e-stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay and others provide seller and customer ratings. If these reviews are positive or neutral you can make a purchase but if it’s negative then stay away from such products or sellers.

4)    Use Social Media for Research:

Social media can play a pivotal role in your research to discover awesome deals and offers. Even if you are not actively tweeting or posting on your Facebook page the best you could do is to follow various deal and coupons sites on the social network.

Most coupon sites post “Best offers of the day” on their Facebook or Twitter pages, thus ensuring that shoppers have a chance to grab deals in good time. Now, what can get better than someone else hand picking the best deals for you?

The best thing about such sites is that they also help you segregate deals and coupons by stores and categories saving your valuable time in doing huge amount of research.

5) Compare prices of products through price comparison sites:

Sometimes, after having made a supposedly great purchase, you realize that you could have bought the same product from a different portal for a much lesser price. The best way to avoid this disappointment is to use price comparison sites for comparing the various prices offered by different online stores for the same product.
Price comparison sites also list the bank tie-ups and offers, which can help you fetch additional discounts.

Aren’t these tips easy and quick to follow, saving you a lot of time as compared to offline shopping?

So the next time you decide to shop offline do give a thought to online shopping. You never know, you might get hooked enough to do even your grocery shopping online!

By Dev Dave,


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