14 highest-paying tech jobs of 2015

  1. Software architect is the No. 1 highest-paying tech job on Glass door’s list. Software architects earn an average annual base salary of $130,891.
  2. At No. 2 on the list is software development manager. The average base salary of a software development manager is $123,747.
  3. The third highest-paying job on the Glass door’s list is solutions architect. Average annual salary of a solution architect is $121,522.
  4. Analytics manager is next high-paying tech job on the list. Average annual base salary of an analytics manager is $115,725.
  5. The No. 5 highest-paying tech job on Glassdoor’s list is that of IT manager. Average base salary of an IT manager is $115,725.
  6. A product manager is not a tech-specific job, but plays major role at most technology companies. Product managers earn average base salary of $113,959.
  7. The clamour for Big Data has been growing. Little surprising then that data scientist has emerged as another hot job. The average annual base salary of data scientists is $105,395.
  8. A security engineer is responsible for the safety of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Average annual base salary of a security engineer is $102,749
  9. The No. 9 IT job on the list is that of QA or quality assurance manager. The average annual salary of a QA manager — whose job is to ensure that a product, service or software performs as it should — is $101,330.
  10. Computer hardware engineers are next on the list. The guys who design computers and other electronic devices earn an average annual salary of $101,154.
  11. Next on the list is database administrator. Database administrators make an average of $97,258.
  12. A UX or “user experience” designer is next on the list. The key responsibility of a UX designer is to ensure that the look and feel of a product is user-friendly. UX designers earn an average base salary of $96,855.
  13. At No. 13 on Glassdoor’s list is software engineer. The average salary of software engineers is $96,392.
  14. A sales engineer, who helps ensure bids and contracts meet customers’ technical specifications, earns an average base salary of $90,899.

Source :- Times of India


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