Digital India Week

Digital India, a flagship program-me of the Government of India, aims to “transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy”. This program-me centers on three key vision areas of “Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen”, “Governance and Services on Demand” and “Digital Empowerment of Citizens”. The Digital India Week is a mega event planned for national launch of the Digital India program-me. This national event will have participation of all Central Ministries/ Departments and all States/UTs.

Vision of Digital India Week

To formally launch the Program-me, a one week program-me in the coming month comprising of awareness and communication events will be ear-marked as the Digital India Week to

  • Effectively deliver the message of Digital India
  • Expand visibility of Digital India by way of effective branding across various platforms with special focus on new media and public interface touch points.
  • To establish credibility of message by ensuring value proposition in terms of demonstration of service delivery to citizens by converging existing and new services, usage of digital infrastructure under Digital India
  • Sustained connection with people by identifying and engaging serious stakeholders through ICT platform and increasing the demand for e-services.
  • Communication in vernacular languages as far as possible

Digital India Week Objectives

  • Inform, educate and engage with citizens through organization of events at large number of Digital Points of Presence such as CSCs/ Post Offices, Schools, Gram Panchayats etc
  • Connect all citizens through Digital Media campaigns and events
  • Inform all about the vision, services and benefits of the Program
  • Popularize and expand the reach of existing e-services, plan and launch new services
  • Educate citizens on functional digital literacy, cyber security, cyber hygiene, ensure better utilization of Digital infrastructure during the DI Week and beyond
  • Incentivize, motivate and connect citizens with the Digital India Program.

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