Online shopping India’s future!

Today’s Indian Government plan e.g. digital-India , make in India , broadband highway Implementation 3G, 4G network in India & also Smartphone revolution in India. May increase the internet user in India so automatically they go for

  • Social connectivity
  • Online payment system ( it will reduce time of physical payment system )
  • Using online payment system they know how safe and secure online payment system and they go for online shopping sites and making purchases their daily need items and if they find good experience on that then they go for other product purchase this make India’s online business grow in coming year

Will Indian Economy Grow with the help of online shopping Industry! How?

  • If rural area get broadband connectivity so increasing IT (Hardware, Software, Networking) business in India.
  • If In urban area connectivity implementation. It grows of High Definition Image Project also useful in Health Industry. More Internet bandwidth in metro city area will increase the new technology invention like 3D technology, laser technology, Bluetooth technology invention and also use in healthcare sector diagnosis and give output quickly.
  • If rural area & urban area get broadband & Mobile connectivity they can sell & buy their product using online shopping portal it will increase more jobs opportunity in many sector e.g. Packing Industry ,Transport Industry ,Mobile Industry , Information Technology industry ,Courier Industry ,Paper Industry , Bank industry , Real-estate Business etc. all sector get more and more business to add profit in their balance sheet.
  • If online shopping sector Grow fast then the Government will get revenue inform of Taxes and also chances of implementing new policy or tax for online sector so government will get more and more revenue and they will utilize in Road, Railways, Sea, and Air Sector. so online shopping get fast and secure service

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